Welcome to Maagari Doodles

A House of Humour, Stories and Doodles

Welcome to Maagari Doodles

Introducing our custom comic strip service - a fun and engaging way to tell your story!

Discover our custom comic strip design service for personal or corporate programs, bringing creativity and fun to life. Whether you have a specific story in mind or prefer our artist to observe your life, we are here to bring your ideas to life and authentically depict it.

In addition to comic strips, we also offer cartooning workshops, custom merchandise designs, and doodle services. With our expertise in hand-drawn personalized designs, we guarantee to provide you with top-notch services that will not only meet but exceed your expectations. Let us unleash our creative abilities to design a one-of-a-kind experience for you.

Our Services

Let us observe you and translate it into unique and personalized merchandise. Whether it is to capture moments in comic strips, stickers, gifs, or create memorable cards. Get each design perfectly reflects your experiences. We illustrate lasting memory that resonates with everyone who shares similar stories.

Inject some creativity into your corporate or event workshops? We conduct engaging sessions on comics, doodles, and visual note-taking. Our workshops are made to provide a creative escape from everyday life while also allowing you to learn the value of visual storytelling.

Personalised doodling for events to improve the interactive mood or create a unique brand identity. Custom doodling to create your individual social media presence. Additionally, we offer live doodling services at events to entertain and interact with the public.

Get the personalised comic strip that reflects your personality or business brand. Capture the memorable moments of your life or convey complex concepts for your business. We’ll provide the entertaining medium to share your experiences or ideas with others.

Custom Merchandise Designs

Event Doodling

Custom Comic Design

Creative Workshops

Our Services

Create personalized comic books for personal events like proposing, friends gifting, or marriage, with talented artist crafting each detail to suit your unique style, enhancing creativity and excitement.

Enhance corporate and event workshops with creative activities like comics, doodles, and visual note-taking, promoting visual storytelling and relaxation.

Create personalized comic strips reflecting personal or business brand, capturing memorable moments and sharing experiences with others.

Let us observe you and translate your experiences into unique, personalized merchandise, including comic strips, stickers, gifs, and memorable cards, illustrating lasting memories.

Personal Comic Strips

Corporate Doodling

Custom Merch Design

Creative Workshops


Why Choose Us

Our unique blend of humor and stories sets us apart in the crowded world. Our work can be both informative and entertaining. The comic strips help our client preserve memories in a unique format and let businesses benefits by increased customer engagement.

Unleash Creativity: The Power of Custom Comics and Unique Doodles

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