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  • How do you make sure the comic strip appropriately depicts the customer's desired plot and cast of characters?

  • Can one request just one comic strip service?

  • Do you have any past instances of distinctive and imaginative comic strip designs?

Of course, we offer our services whether there are one or numerous comic strips as long as it conveys your narrative.

For the client who has specified the plot, we maintain contact throughout the project and have regular discussions about the illustration process and design to produce the desired results. However, we provide an observation-based service as well. In this we produce work based on our expertise. There will be few interactions to monitor project alignment.

Yes, kindly check our projects page and our socials.

  • What sort of finished product do you offer?

We offer a digital or printed version of the work or particular products, and the cost varies correspondingly.

  • In what ways corporate companies can use our services?

Get the customized comic strip that best represents your brand. We may illustrate you complex concepts in a comic strip for easy understanding or produce unique comic book for your company's corporate program while also documenting employee experiences. The finished product can then be preserved as a comic book to be kept as a keepsake.

  • What methods or resources do you employ to create the characters from comic strips?

Software such as Adobe Photoshop, Procreate and other necessities are used. However, imagination is the most crucial.

  • Are you involved in hosting live events?

In addition to conferences and gatherings, we offer certain services like engaging activities such as doodling sessions or creative workshops tailored for individuals of all ages and educational levels.

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